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While not strictly for Conky only, it is important not to loose this program.

There are some conkys showing up using Lua that are interactive with the use of ADcomp's "Adeskbar".

ADcomp has disappeared recently and the latest known version of Adeskbar for Debian is: Adeskbar-0_4_2_all_deb.tar.gz (we cannot host .deb files here so the DEB is in the archive)

There is one other, not from the original site so use at your own risk: adeskbar.0.4.3-all-deb.tar.gz If anyone tries this and knows it is good I can be reached at the CRunchBang forums, please let me know and I'll revise this.

You can also get version 0.4.3 on the CD Developer's Guide at although you may not want that complete CD.

UPDATE: CKDevelop is going to keep Adeskbar alive! Being French or knowing French will really help.

From pablokal at on the #! Forums:

Try adeskmenu with OpenBox

1. Download:

2. Extract and put it as root in /usr/bin/

3. Make it executable:

sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/adesk-menu

4. Edit: /home/user/.config/openbox/ and add this line:

adesk-menu &

5. Restart OpenBox or reboot and it will show up on the right in your taskbar.

and from jeffreyC - again #! Forums

I found this, it is a project which started as a patch for ADesk-Menu:

the developers are Russian but some of the site is in English.

Again our friend jeffreyC

I was downloading Madbox 10.10 to make sure I had a copy, and found this;

both debs and source available.

And how about an adeskmenu project by slipshot:

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