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Deadbeef and Conky
From VastOne:

I have worked with several music apps and getting them to work with conky. So when my good friend Ivanovnegro asked me to create a conky for Deadbeef, with cover art, it was a challenge that I could not pass up.

This is the result of my efforts on how to create a Deadbeef Conky with cover art: Deadbeef-conky.tar.gz

The file contains everything you need:


HowTo: Create a Deadbeef Conky

  1. First you will need Deadbeef:
  2. with the plugin Album Artwork setup and functioning
    • ... you must do this in Deadbeef to have images even show up

(From Deadbeef Help)

Album Art Display

To display album artwork, you need to follow the steps below

  1. add new column, select Album Art type
  2. right click on the playlist column headers,
    • and in context menu select "group by"
    • submenu: Artist/Date/Album
  3. You will also need the DeaDBeeF-MPRIS-plugin installed, it is included in the archive above (08 Sept. 11) you may find a newer version here:

Now the files

$ conky -c ~/.conkyrcdb -q -d &

starting conky in a terminal allows you to see any errors that may show up.

Next; the two files called in the .conkyrcdb, copy both of these to your /home/user directory and:

  1. (make sure it is executable)
  2. conkyDeadbeef.template
    • Note: The template is the file you will need to edit to make changes to the appearance of the information on your desktop.

A bash script for the cover art:

The dbeef.png is included in the file attached at the top of the page for your convenience, you can see it here: dbeef.png

Save it in ~/images

That's it, you are done.

Remember to change the template to suit your tastes.

A Special Note

I need to give props to Kaivalagi as the mastermind behind so many python Conky scripts. It is his work that the is based on.

Online support: The place to ask for support and discuss this script.

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