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{{i18n|en|conkyForecast examples}}
{{i18n|en|conkyForecast examples}}
==By Kaivalagi==

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By Kaivalagi

Here's my current setup, ran using :

conky -c /home/mark/.scripts/conky/conky_forecast

Both files, conkyrc and template are in the archive : tar.gz

Opaque.png is just a 1x1 pixel semi-transparent png file, to shade the background with … that is purely optional.

Run as is this setup will put the forecast strip on the right hand side of the desktop. If you don't want so many days ahead just remove some of the settings from the end of the template file to reduce the amount shown.

Note: this setup requires conky version 1.7.2 or higher with image tag support to use the images rather than the fonts.

Hope it gives you inspiration if nothing else.

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