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KDE Multiple Editing

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Edit Multiple Conkys with Kate and Sessions

Now, Bruce has already discussed how to edit multiple conky files with ease here ...but I wanted to show off a bit about how you can do this in KDE4.

I, like Bruce, also tend to edit multiple files at a time in order to get my conky looking just right… and if you’ve seen my setup you’ll understand why.

First of all let’s meet kate...


Isn’t she pretty?

One of the big differences about kate is she doesn’t have tabs like gedit, the filenames are all listed in that left pane… so if I open all of my files that I could possibly edit for conky she’ll look like this:


The active file is highlighted in the left pane, and I can edit it in the right pane. Easy, huh? (That’s right kate is easy, and now everyone knows it.)

OK, I’ve led you all here on purpose… now that we have all of my files open, let’s save them as a session, which is like a group of files that kate knows belong together. We do this by just clicking on the ‘Sessions’ menu entry and then ‘Save as’.


After giving our session a meaningful name we can close kate knowing that anytime we need to open all of our conky files at once all we need to do is click on the ‘Sessions’ menu entry and then select our session from the ‘Quick Open’ list.

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