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Each page on the wiki has ONE or MORE Category (they are seen at the bottom of each page) AND one Category for the Language.

Each category on the wiki has ONE or MORE Category (they are seen at the bottom of each page) AND NO Category for the Language.

The only Categories without parent-categories are :

A category is set like this :

[[Category:Name in english (2 letters for language)]]

Examples :

[[Category:Date and time (en)]]
[[Category:Date and time (fr)]]

The categories for the languages are set like this :


They appear on Pages only, not on Categories, and they are the first categories displayed in the page.

Each Category is a child of the Main Category (I called it Conky-PitStop (xx) category).

So we have a tree for our pages like this :

Conky-PitStop Category (xx)--> Subs Categories (xx)--> Pages (xx)

Actually the root are the Category:Conky PitStop (en) and Category:Conky PitStop (fr).


Each page title and each category name has to be in English with the language into (), for all languages, actually (en) for English and (fr) for French

Examples :

Category:Conky PitStop (fr)


Calendar (en)

And each page and each category has a template i18n to display the box of available (or not) languages: Syntax for the pages :

{{i18n|en|Title in english}}
{{i18n|fr|Title in english}}

Syntax for the categories :

{{i18n|en|:Category:Name in english}}
{{i18n|fr|:Category:Name in english}}

Note that the Title in english used in the i18n template does not require the language, it's Title in english, not Title in english (en) or Title in english (fr).

The inconvenient of this method : all the pages have English names so, to write an index, each translator has to write an index in his own language .

index in English is here, an automatic page : Pages in English

index in French is here, an automatic page with a manual index at the beginning : Pages en français,

Actually, we have two categories for the Language :



Example of the start of the page Calendar (en), in English

The Category for the language has to be the first category in the page

[[Category:Date and time (en)]]

In French Calendar (fr):

[[Category:Date and time (fr)]]

Example of the start of the category Category:Forecast (en), in English :

[[Category:Conky PitStop (en)]]

In French Category:Forecast (fr):

[[Category:Conky PitStop (fr)]]

Special pages

The pages without languages are the following :

... to be continued ...

So, theses pages don't require the Template:i18n but require the categories for the Language so that they appears in the listing of pages.

How to name the pages

Pages have to be named with an UpperCase Letter for the first letter and LowerCase letter for the following : For me, this is not good:

Featured this Week

This is better :

Featured this week

However, for special names like Conky, we keep the UpperCase for the first letter.

Agree ?

Titles for non-english pages

Non-english pages display title in english with the (fr) suffix. Example : Notes for redactors (fr)

To avoid this, hide the title with the magic word NOTITLE (its __ and NOTITLE and __, I can't manage to write it here ), and write the title in the right language, example:

=Notes pour les rédacteurs=

How to rename a page

You have to be an Administrator to do that :

  1. Click on the "Move" button
  2. Give a new name to the page
  3. Save it
  4. Now the old page redirects to the new page
  5. Open the old page and click the "Edit" button
  6. Delete the REDIRECT line in the page, now you have an empty page
  7. Save the old page
  8. Delete the old page

That's it

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