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Spacing in Conky

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Absolutely one of the most important things in conky.

More people trip up on this than any other conky concept.

Also see: ${goto}, ${offset} & ${voffset}

One thing you must remember if “spacing” is a critical factor of a certain function in conky is to use a “mono” or “fixed width” font.


You can have a calendar that looks like the one the left (mono font) or the one on the right (non-mono font). Obviously they are two different months, in the Jan 2008 calendar the 1 should be under TU, the idea here is “spacing” and Jan 2008 doesn’t cut it..

So before that function starts in conky use a font command to get a “mono” font active and at the end turn it off.

${font LCDMono:size=19}${color2}${pre_exec ~/Conky/scripts/ semana}
${color 888888}${pre_exec ~/Conky/scripts/ pasado}${color2}${pre_exec ~/Conky/scripts/ hoy}${color 888888}${pre_exec ~/Conky/scripts/ futuro}${font}

In the above two lines that puts a calendar (current month) in my conky I need to have a mono font to get the proper spacing for the “numbers” in the calendar lined up correctly, and the second line that ends the calendar statement ends with turning the LCDMono font off.

${font LCDMono:size=19} – tells conky to start using a specific font, in this case: the LCDMono font at size 19, and;

${font} – with nothing else, turns the font command off. At this point conky will revert to the default font you have selected conky to use.


With some commands you can turn them OFF by using $color or $fontbe careful, after certain scripts this DOES NOT WORK properly and I have since switched all of these commands to use the { & } like: ${color} and ${font xxx}, where the brackets are needed. To be honest I don’t remember just where or why it didn’t work, I’m now in the habit of using ${color} and ${font} now and those do work!

You can see the Calendar that is called in that example above.

There are a fair number of mono – fixed width fonts to choose from, a mono font does not have to boring, look around and get one you like. Or of course use one of OS’s default “boring” mono fonts. (just my opinion)

Some places to start you off: their fixed width font section
Urbanfonts - their monospaced font section
FontSpace - search for: mono, monospaced or fixed width on their site

And this, just because it's fun:

DINGBAT DEPOT - for those truly Dinbat font fans.

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