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ARGB Visual (en)Adeskbar (en)
Adeskbar (fr)Air clock (en)Air clock (fr)
Alternative à (2) (fr)Analog clock.module (en)Background in color (en)
Background in color (fr)Bar-text-bar (en)Bar-text-bar (fr)
Bars with text inside (en)Bars with text inside (fr)Bash scripting intro (en)
Binary clock (en)Binary clock (fr)Box characters (en)
Box characters (fr)Break long lines (en)Break long lines (fr)
Calendar (en)Calendar (fr)Calendar MobileDiesel (en)
Calendar MobileDiesel (fr)Changing borders colors of graphs and bars (en)Changing borders colors of graphs and bars (fr)
Clock rings (en)Clock rings (fr)Clocks 1 to 9 (en)
Clocks 1 to 9 (fr) (en) (fr)
Compiz shadow problem (en)Compiz shadow problem (fr)ConkyDateDiff and conkyDaysDiff (en)
ConkyDateDiff and conkyDaysDiff (fr)ConkyDeadbeef (en)ConkyDeadbeef (fr) help (en)ConkyForecast examples (en)ConkyForecast examples (fr)
ConkyForecast help (en)ConkyForecast help (fr)ConkyGoogleReader (en)
ConkyGoogleReader (fr) (en) (fr) (en)ConkyText (en)ConkyText (fr)
Conky Compiz startupConky Compiz startup (en)Conky KDE Transparency (en)
Conky KDE Transparency (fr)Conky Setup Guide (en)Conky links (en)
Conky links (fr)Conky widgets (en)Conky widgets (fr) (en) (fr) (en) (fr) (en) (fr) (en) (fr) (en) (fr) (en) (fr) (en) (fr) (en)
Date box.module (en)Dk75 background.module (en)Dk75 isobar3d.module (en)
Dk75 schedule.module (en)Dropbox percentage used (en)Dropbox percentage used (fr)
Edit multiple Conkys (en)Edit multiple Conkys (fr)Featured
Forecast MobileDiesel (en)Forecast MobileDiesel (fr)Gallery 2009 (1)
Gallery 2009 (2)Gallery 2010 (1)Gallery 2010 (2)
Gallery 2011 (1)Gallery 2011 (2)Gallery 2011 (3)
Gallery 2012 (1)Gallery 2012 (2)Gallery 2013 (1)
Gedit and Conky (en)Gedit and Conky (fr)Goto/offset/voffset (en)
Goto/offset/voffset (fr)If statements (en)If statements (fr)
Interactive Weather v9000 (en)Invisible text (en)Invisible text (fr)
KDE Multiple Editing (en)KDE Multiple Editing (fr)Logos
Londonali1010 airclock.module (en)Londonali1010 cairo pie.module (en)Londonali1010 clock hands.module (en)
Londonali1010 rings.module (en)
Main page (en)Main page (fr)
Medit and Conky (en)Mrpeachy 12 24 clock.module (en)Mrpeachy 12 24 clock dk75mod.module (en)
Music CoverART (en)Music CoverART (fr)Nano, vim and Conky (en)
Nano, vim and Conky (fr)Notes for redactors (en)
One4all.lua (en)OpenSUSE ConkyForecast (en)OpenSUSE ConkyForecast (fr)
Openbox tip (en)Openbox tip (fr)Photo album (en)
Photo album (fr)ProposalRing meters (en)
Ring meters (fr)Rings with sectors (en)Rings with sectors (fr)
Rotating Conky (en)Rotating Conky (fr)S11 chronograph dk75mod.module (en)
Semi-transparent font (en)Semi-transparent font (fr)Spacing in Conky (en)
Spacing in Conky (fr)Start/Stop Conky (en)Start/Stop Conky (fr)
Start/Stop Conky II (en)Start/Stop Conky II (fr)System updates (en)
System updates (fr)TeoBigusDickus Weather (en)Text with Lua (en)
Text with Lua (fr)Transparency in conky (en)Two-line calendar (en)
Two-line calendar (fr)Using CONKY-Colors (en)Using Curl (en)
Using Curl (fr)Using Sensors (en)Using hddtemp (en)
Using vnstat (en)WUN Formatting Tricks (en)WUN Weather (en)
WUN Weather Icons (en)WUN Weather Templates (en)When “blinking” isn’t! (en)
When “blinking” isn’t! (fr)Wlourf bargraph small.module (en)Wolfur bargraph small.module (en)
Word clock (en)Word clock (fr)
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