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WUN Weather Icons

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Information taken from: Crunchbang Forums post dated: 2014-02-06

It is quite easy to incorporate additional icon sets into the WUN lua script. If you have an icon set you want to use here is how to adapt it!

Looking in 001_icon_symlink_basic.sh there are many lines that are all similar:

ln -s -f ./icon/000 chanceflurries
ln -s -f ./icon/000 nt_chanceflurries

^ these are the commands that create the symlinks

ln -s -f

^ calls the program that creates the symlink


^ is the name of the icon being used, this is the part that needs to be edited


^ this is the name of the symlink that will be created

Go through the script line by line, look at the description of the weather type in the symlink then pick the icon you want to be displayed and edit the line to point to that icon.

The only thing that should need to be changed is the 000 part of the icon name

For example:

ln -s -f ./icon/000.png chanceflurries


ln -s -f ./icon/10.png chanceflurries

If you have an extensive icon set you could also edit 001_icon_symlink_extended.sh in a similar way:

ln -s -f ./icon/000 01_l_drizzle
ln -s -f ./icon/000 01_l_drizzle_nt
ln -s -f ./icon/000 02_drizzle
ln -s -f ./icon/000 02_drizzle_nt
ln -s -f ./icon/000 03_h_drizzle
ln -s -f ./icon/000 03_h_drizzle_nt

in these examples the _l_ stands for light, the _h_ stands for heavy a following _nt signifies the night time icon

When you have finished editing the shell scripts, run them to generate the symlinks open a terminal in the icons_yours folder, the location where the shell scripts are, and type


or just double click and run

Take a look through the symlinks to see if there were any mistakes if there are edit the files again and re-run them, they will overwrite the existing links.

OK at this point everything looks good and the icons are all correct

NOW: cut and paste /icons_yours to the wun/additional_files/weathericons/ directory.

As per the example above I'd see: wun/additional_files/weathericons/icons_s11

Edit the wun_config.lua file to point to the icons or use default_weather_icons variable in a template

Icons already prepared by mrpeachy
Showing: /icons_<name>/icons/05.png
so not the same condition
Icon File Name
is the directory name
Link to author's site
Icons falldown 05.png
icons_falldown.tar.gz falldown
Icons merlinthered colorful 05.png
Icons_merlinthered_colorful.tar.gz merlinthered
Icons merlinthered dark 05.png
Icons merlinthered flat black 05.png
Icons merlinthered flat colorful 05.png
Icons merlinthered light 05.png
It is here!
Icons tick 05.png
Icons_tick.tar.gz‎ tick
Icons wun 05.png
Included in Archive
old conkyForecast icons

That should be it. Any questions, ask in the Crunchbang thread: Wun Weather Script for Conky (Lua)

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