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Clocks 1 to 9

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These fine clocks come from t-mo_ who creates nothing but the best for conky.

Here’s what Timo has to say:

I made some more clock faces, if anyone else can use them… They are all stand alone clocks in the upper right corner. Although it may be that you have to fiddle with voffset and goto.

I could use some help with the scripts I made, they are just too long. I am sure one could make a script with only a few lines but I have no idea how to do it (python?).

I have a seconds arm font, too. But the script I made for it took to much CPU power, and the seconds arm was not in step I guess it needs a better “pace maker” than:

{{ ${execpi 1 date blablabla} }}

I would be very grateful if somebody could help/lead me to make a better script.

Thanks and have a nice Day


This call was then answered by Crinos512 , who wrote this (included in the zip file below.)


A solid background, no numbers and complete with the date.

Here’s the conky that did it (don’t bother to copy and paste it, it’s included in the archive at the bottom, along with others):

# by: t-mo_
own_window yes
own_window_type normal
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
double_buffer yes
use_spacer right
use_xft yes
xftalpha 0
update_interval 1
minimum_size width 120
draw_shades no
draw_outline no
draw_borders no
draw_graph_borders no
#font arial
#xftfont moconkyfontone:size=12
uppercase no
short_units yes
stippled_borders 3
border_margin 9
border_width 10
default_color white
#color1 e5e5e5
#color2 F1AA0E
#color3 white
#color4 white
#color5 white
#color6 white
#color7 white
#color8 white
#color9 white
own_window_colour grey
own_window_transparent yes
#alignment top_left
alignment top_right
#alignment bottom_left
#alignment bottom_right
cpu_avg_samples 2
max_specials 256
text_buffer_size 256
${color white}${goto 23}${font zoraclockD:size=110}A
${voffset -178}${color 444444}${goto 23}${font zoraclockD:size=110}F
${voffset -183}${color black}${goto 32}${font clockfaces:size=98}O
${voffset -156}${goto 123}${font conkybackgroundfin:size=6}L${goto 139}L
${voffset -19}${goto 124}${color lightgrey}${font 911 Porscha:size=11}${execpi 20 date | cut -c9}${goto 140}${execpi 20 date | cut -c10}${color 000478}
${color black}${voffset -90}${goto 30}${font zoraclockM:size=110}${execpi 20 ~/ minute}${color d5d5d5}
${color black}${voffset -150}${goto 50}${font zoraclockH:size=80}${execpi 20 ~/ hour}

What you will need for some of the clocks is the font: clockfaces.ttf to draw the clock face, that makes sense, of which there are 5 to choose from the letters; O, P, Q R & S (CAPS ONLY)


All of the clocks need:

Some of them need clockfaces.ttf, as this one does, and the ubuntu clock (coming soon) needs the 911 Porscha.ttf

The script needed for these clocks; Remember to make it executable. If you want you can put them in your home directory. I prefer to keep all my conky scripts in ~/Conky/scripts:

In the script above you see:


for me, I use:


It keeps all my conky scripts together.

The archive has 9 different clocks complete with the fonts and the scripts to use them:


The archive: 9-clocks.tar.gz

And there you have it. 9 clocks for conky.

Thank you t-mo_ & Crinos512

Happy conkying Bruce

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