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Author: Mark Buck (Kaivalagi)

NOTE: have removed developer support and as such most will have great difficulty using the service through the conkyForecast script in the future.

Please note however that there is an "alpha" version of the script called conkyForecastWU which is also included in the latest conkyWeather package and is detailed towards the end of this thread which works against weather underground...this is a good alternative but has not been documented for here as yet.

There has been an addition to conkyforecast_2.18 -

This little app calculates the time to sunrise or sundown, depending on the position of the sun. It changes between the two automatically.

  09:39 ~
         $ conkyForecast-SunsetSunriseCountdown --help
Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -C FILE, --config=FILE
                        [default: ~/.conkyForecast.config] The path to the
                        configuration file, allowing multiple config files to
                        be used.
  -l CODE, --location=CODE
                        location code for weather data [default set in
                        config]. Use the following url to determine your
                        location code by city name:
  -o OPTION, --outputformat=OPTION
                        default:[DIFF]Specify the format of the output date
                        time difference values, options are either DIFF,
                        HOURS, MINUTES, SECONDS
  -L, --longoutput      Specify if long output is required resulting in plain
                        english output such as '1 hr 2 mins 14 secs' rather
                        than '01:02:14' or '23 secs' rather than '23'
  -t, --textoutput      Request textual output instead of time to remain to
                        identify whether a sunset or sunrise is due, will
                        either be 'Sunrise' or 'Sunset'
  -v, --verbose         Request verbose output, not a good idea when running
                        through conky!
  -V, --version         Displays the version of the script.
  --errorlogfile=FILE   If a filepath is set, the script appends errors to the
  --infologfile=FILE    If a filepath is set, the script appends info to the

  09:39 ~

There is a GOTCHA though:
It MUST be run after conkyForecast has created the cache file as it does not go on the internet to collect the information, it reads the existing cashed file.

Here is a shot of it in action. It is also being used with an ${if_matching} statement to display a sun during the day and a moon at night. Sunrise and sunsets look too similar to know the difference, in my opinion.


Here is the code used in the image above:

${color4}${hr 1}${color}${if_match "${execi 1 conkyForecast-SunsetSunriseCountdown --location=ARBA0009 -t}"=="Sunrise"}${image ~/Conky/images/Moon.png -p 150,140 -s 60x60}${else}${image ~/Conky/images/Sun.png -p 150,140 -s 60x60}${endif}
${voffset 5}${goto 22}${color3}Sunrise:${goto 90}${color}[--datatype=SR]
${goto 28}${color3}Sunset:${goto 90}${color}[--datatype=SS]
${goto 16}${color3}Daylight:${goto 90}${color}[--datatype=DL]
${goto 10}${color3}${execi 1 conkyForecast-SunsetSunriseCountdown --location=ARBA0009 -t} in:${goto 90}${color}${execi 1 conkyForecast-SunsetSunriseCountdown --location=ARBA0009}
${color4}${hr 1}${color}
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