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Uses any text file with delimiters, and a template


There is no support page for this app, therefore no page to direct you to. However one you have any of K’s apps from the repos, just do a search for “conky” you will see it.

It’s so simple! It reads “delimited” text files and puts the output on the screen like a spreadsheet – without the boxes – different fonts, colours etc are allowed. For example the TV schedule on the left. it has three columns, I could have added a fourth and had the TV channels a different colour but … this is the way it is. :)

The one line in a conky file and the text file:

${font DejaVu Sans Mono:bold:size=9}${execpi 7200 conkyText --template=/home/bruloo/Conky/scripts/conkyText.template --textfile=/home/bruloo/Conky/conkyText.txt}$color

conkyText.template – it’s a big one:

${color0};    ${goto 30}${color3};    ${goto 85}${color8};

The text file: it has changed a bit. :)

   TV Schedule
   Dom;- 20:00;- 31 - Monk
   ;- 21:00;- 33 - Life
   Lun;- 21:00;- 31 - Cold Case
   ;- 22:00;- 31 - 11th Hour
   Mar;- 22:00;- 31 - Fringe
   ;- 23:00;- 29 - The Listener
   Míe;- 21:00;- 33 - CSI Miami
   Jue;- 21:00;- 31 - Mentalist
   ;- 22:00;- 31 - Supernatural

And the help file:

   ~$ conkyText --help
   Usage: [options]

     -h, --help            show this help message and exit
     -t FILE, --template=FILE
                           location of the template file to define the layout of
     -f FILE, --textfile=FILE
                           location of the text file to output.
     -d FILE, --delimiter=FILE
                           default:[;]Specify the delimiter to use when splitting
                           out a line of text into formatted segments
     -v, --verbose         Request verbose output, not a good idea when running
                           through conky!
     -V, --version         Displays the version of the script.
     --errorlogfile=FILE   If a filepath is set, the script appends errors to the
     --infologfile=FILE    If a filepath is set, the script appends info to the
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