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TeoBigusGeekus Weather

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Some scripts for displaying a weather forecast in conky.

1b2 Accuweather ConkyWeather font

1d Accuweather RSS
2a WUnderground ICAL International users

2b_WUnderground API All users
3 NWS XML USA users
4 Weather.com all users

5 Moon Phase
1a Accuweather ConkyWeather font

1b1 Accuweather Images

1c Accuweather Hourly Forecast
Find them at the Crunchbang Forums in the Conky weather scripts using Accuweather/WUnderground/NWS/Weather.com thread along with other layouts using Teo's scripts. The scripts are bash scripts and as such should run on any *nix system. Take note: Teo is excellent at supporting them and fixing bugs.

They use:

  1. Accuweather
  2. Weather Underground
  3. National Weather Service (USA), and
  4. Weather.com

They all rely on the same principle: download a bunch of pages, parse them and isolate the necessary info for conky to find.

There is something for everyone: from the minimalistic, to the humongous, larger than life, "I'm a meteorologist" aspect.


  • 1a)Accuweather ConkyWeather Font - International users
    • C version included.
  • 1b1)Accuweather - Images
  • 1b2)Accuweather - ConkyWeather font
  • 1c)Accuweather Hourly Forecast - 16 hours
  • 2a)WUnderground ICAL - International users
  • 2b)WUnderground API - All users
    • This has to be the Mother of all Weather scripts. To use 'everything' the script is capable of getting would fill a few monitors.
    • Metric and Imperial
    • Files created by the script:
      • Conditions - everything about the weather station being used and the NOW weather - Size: 137 lines
      • Forecast - all the "text" forecast for the next 10 days - 16 lines for each Day/Night - Size: 160 lines
      • Simple_Forecast - 106 lines of info for each of 10 days - Size: 1060 lines
      • Hourly - for the next 36 hours - 116 lines of info per hour - Size: 4212 lines
      • Moon_Sun - info about todays moon phase - Size 23 lines (think: #5 Moon phase script as well)
      • Satellite - commented out by default, this grabs satellite images to use in your conky. Slows the script down though.
  • 3)NWS XML - USA users
    • Simple script that keeps on working!
  • 4) Weather.com conky script - all users
    • In both degrees F and C
  • 5) Moon phase script
    • For all of you obsessed with the moon, werewolves or LUNAtics.

Weather the way you want it, light, medium or heavy duty.

Pretty slick work there Teo. Thank you!

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