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Music CoverART

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Conky, Music and CoverART
By: VastOne

A SPECIAL NOTE: First and foremost, this work is based on the development of 3 sources. Kaivalagi Python Scripts and a wlourf LUA sphere script that started on the Ubuntu Threads, as well as a script by larryni for the rounded covert. All I did was take the genesis of these and expand upon them to create several more current applications

Two methods of using Conky, with python or LUA scripts, and currently any of 18 Linux Music apps and Cover Art from local sources;

Online support: The place to ask for support and discuss these scripts:

How To - Conky, Music and Cover Art - 2 Methods for 18 Apps

It started with 14 apps - stay tuned ... there may be is more!

  1. Amarok2
  2. Audacious
  3. Banshee
  4. Clementine
  5. Deadbeef
  6. Decibel Audio Player
  7. Gmusicbrowser
  8. Exaile
  9. Quod Libet
  10. Gogglesmm
  11. Guayadeque
  12. MoC (MoCP)
  13. MPD - and any frontend client (ario, sonata, gmpc etc etc)
  14. Pogo
  15. Qmmp
  16. Rhythmbox
  17. VLC
  18. Xnoise

The file that does it all: musictools.tar.gz.

Extract everything to ~/

It includes everything for the apps seen above:

Edit - 16 October 2011 - Changed all bash scripts with new functions to copy the cover file one time .. thanks xaos52!! - Grab the latest archive from the same link to capture these changes

Edit - 16 October 2011 - Changed the mpd method of getting the cover thanks to a python change ... Thanks wlourf!! - Grab the latest archive from the same link to capture these changes

Edit - 21 October 2011 - Did a major overhaul of all conky rc files and all templates to standardize each. Thanks to Sector11 for writing and proofing the conky rc standards - Grab the latest archive to capture these changes

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