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WUN Weather

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WUN a LUA weather script for conky using wunderground written maintained and supported by mrpeachy over at the Crunchbang Wun Weather Script for Conky (Lua) thread. The most current archive will always be found there, in the first post and linked to here, below (same links). You need to sign up to post at Crunchbang, but not to read the thread

NOTE wun.lua is the main script that gathers and formats the data. It contains all the functions that are used in the templates As such, most changes/updates/bug fixes will occur in this file. New wun.lua scripts can then be extracted and the old script overwritten. The wun.lua script will always work with the latest complete archive, if it's date is the same or newer. Only download it to get newer functions or fixes

Interactive template:
Static template:

OOTB, these are the two templates used (and seen on the right):

With an interactive conky template you will need to install xdotool to get the interactive action working in conky.

The script is best extracted to /home/username/wun directory, but with a bit of tweaking it can go anywhere.

The files and directory structure are:

  1. /home/<username>/wun/ - three files
    • read_me - please read it
    • wun.lua - minor configuring required
      see lines 4 to 14
    • wun_config.lua - configuring required
      see lines 4 to 74 to start with
  2. /home/<username>/wun/additional_files - 5 sub-directories and 3 images
  3. /home/<username>/wun/backup_data - 20 data backup files that the script uses IF: no net connection or one of the sites the script uses it down.
  4. /home/<username>/wun/conky_configs - two conky files:
    1. wunrc - runs the 'static' templates, it is configured to start: astroweather.lua
    2. wunrci - runs the interactive templates, it is configured to start: iweather_falldown.lua
  5. /home/<username>/wun/development docs - 18 files - have a look at them
  6. /home/<username>/wun/templates - here's the meat of what you see on your desktop depending on what you choose.to use:
    • Static templates, used by wunrc:
    1. astroweather.lua shown above
    2. classic10day.lua
    3. s11template.lua
    4. wun_glassy_side_bar.lua
    5. wun_template.lua
    • Interactive templates:
    1. iweather_falldown.lua shown above
    2. iweather.lua
    3. iweather_joe.lua

RECAP: For the interactive templates, you need:

   * Lua

  Lua bindings:
   * Cairo
   * Imlib2
 26 Jan 14 | 15:07:26 ~

Links from the Wun Weather Script for Conky (Lua) first post by mrpeachy:

Other related threads by mrpeachy:

From the original v9000 thread


linked to wunderground
wunderground.com is the source of the API weather data used by this script.

You need to sign up for an api key, it's free but make sure you get the Cumulus Plan

Go To:

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